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: Ban Chiang in Regional Cultural Perspective

by Labbe, Armand J.

US$ 35.00
Book order code : E 22 310



This is the first comprehensive book of its kind in English, focused exclusively on pottery; its technology, production and artistic development in Thailand in prehistory. Over twenty-five hundred years of pottery making spanning the periods from about 2200 B.C. to 500 A.D. are examined; uncovering a rich repertoire of pottery working techniques, forms and decorative schemes. The book examines pottery production in the Northeast, Central and Southeast Seaboard regions of Thailand, noting differences and similarities in production by site, region and chronology. This work also explores the topic of modern fakes and forgeries of prehistoric pottery; a common problem faced by museums with unprovenanced collections, which underscores the persistent need for continued scientific archaeology. Other topics include the use of electron microprobe to determine the constituent mineral composition of clay fabrics. Lavishly illustrated with over two hundred and fifty color plates, maps and charts, the book is designed to appeal to a broad readership, interested in art, culture and prehistory. This volume greatly expands, but does not repeat, the author's previous work Ban Chiang: The Art and Prehistory of Northeast Thailand

(Bangkok, 2002)
170pp,80 pp. in color, 210 x 290 mm, pbk.





We also have rare and out-of-print books on Ceramics, Crafts, and Art-mags.