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Books on Indonesia

We also have rare and out-of-print books on Indonesia, Islam, Borneo, and India.




: Traditional Basketry in Bali

by Eiseman, Fred B.

US$ 27.50
Book order code :
E 22 070



Available here, for the first time, is a detailed description of Ulat-ulatan, traditional Balinese basketry, covering all of the traditional types of Balinese baskets and related woven materials, the materials from which they are made, and photographs and diagrams of how they are made. Utilitarian Balinese basketry as a craft has long lived in the shadow of the more heavily hyped, flamboyant painting, silverwork, and wood carving. Yet basketry is much more a product of traditional Balinese culture than these other forms that have been specifically created for the tourist trade and are seldom used by Balinese people themselves. Long before souvenir seekers arrived in Bali, basketry was being made in almost exactly the same fashion as one sees it today. No Balinese household can function without half a dozen or more varieties of these products, all made by hand from native materials to meet the needs of daily chores. They are rugged, light in weight, cheap, functional, and available in every village market. They represent a craft made by Balinese people for Balinese consumption. Visitors to Bali will find that these crafts may be just as useful or even decorative in their own homes.

(Bangkok 1999) ISBN 974-8434-89-3
285 pp., illus. 8 pp. color illus., 210 x 290 mm,pbk.




: Lombok and Bali in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

by Hagerdal, Hans

US$ 22.50
Book order code : E 22 232



This research volume discusses a fascinating historical episode, the establishing of Balinese Hindu rule over the predominantly Muslim population of Lombok, concentrating on the years 1700-1748. Materials covering this period are re-examined and further interesting information provided as to what happened at the time, seen in a regional context, including ethnic and religious relationships, besides the cultural basis for legitimacy of leadership. The broader aspect of how a Hindu minority was able to rule a Muslim majority is of special interest, also in respect of its outcome. Deteriorating ethnic relationships in one part of the island led to a rebellion in 1891, thus paving the way for Dutch colonial conquest in 1894: the disruption caused by the arrival of the Dutch East Indian Company in the area in the late 1600s having played a role in setting the stage for the events here described. Another example of Hindu rulers governing a mainly Muslim population can be found in Kashmir.

(Bangkok 2001) ISBN 974-7534-11-8
233 pp., 4 pp. maps, 10 pp. color illus., 150 x 210 mm, pbk.





by Howard, Michael C. & Naffi Sanggenafa

US$ 32.50
Book order code :
E 22438



Indigenous Peoples and Migrants of Northern Papua, Indonesia provides a contemporary look at social, cultural, and economic aspects of the lives of these peoples, While political problems associated with Indonesia’s western province of Papua (formerly Irian Jaya) have received a great deal of international media attention, studies of the people of the province are rarely available in English. This is especially true in regard to the people of the offshore islands, coast, and hinterland of the northern part of the province from the Bird's Head Peninsula to the border with Papua New Guinea. The region is inhabited by indigenous peoples speaking over 85 languages and by migrants from the islands of Sulawesi, Java, Flores, Lombok, and elsewhere in Indonesia. Many of the chapters in the book focus on economic changes and their impact on people's lives. Chapters examine the effects of transmigration, tourist projects, oil palm plantations, forestry ,Projects, and road construction on local communities. Several chapters examine different types of traditional material culture, such as carving and textiles, and their place in these communities at present. 'The Studies are accompanied by maps, black and white photographs, and plates containing 124 color photographs.

(Bangkok, 2005) ISBN 974-4800-65-8
263 pp., illus. in col. 1 map, 150 x 210 mm, pbk.




: Sculpture and Dance in Ancient Java

by Iyer, Alessandra

US$ 22.50
Book order code : E 21 970



A study of the dance reliefs of the ninth century AD temple of Siwa at the Prambanan complex in central Java. Previous attempts at identification of these ancient reliefs were hampered by inadequate movement analysis of the dance portrayed but in this book, for the first time, a complete identification is presented, through a re-interpretation of the archaeological data. Using both movement analysis and comparison with an authoritative reconstruction model, the author rigorously examines each of the 62 reliefs and identifies them as representations of the karana (dance movement units) of the Sanskrit text from India on dance and drama, the Natyasastra. These reliefs almost certainly depict lord Siwa. They point to the presence throughout Asia of the karana dance tradition wherever Saivism flourished and as they predate any equivalent series found in India, they suggest that the idea of karana sculptural series originated outside India and only subsequently reached the sub-continent.

(Bangkok 1997) ISBN 974-8434-12-5
223 pp., 225 illus., 150 x 210 mm, pbk.




: People and Art

by Krause, Gregor & Karl With

US$ 29.50
Book order code : E 22 160


The first English translation of Bali, the popular second edition of a German classic introduction to the island published in 1922. The book was a bestseller because of Gregor Krause's unique photographs which he made when he was a medical doctor in the employ of the Dutch on Bali from 1912 until 1914. The introductory text covers almost all aspects of life and art on Bali as well as its nature and its trade with neighboring islands. It still is a remarkable introduction to an island that flourished culturally before the onslaught of the tourist industry. The attentive visitor will still recognize vistas of this rich past in the scenes and especially in the people he meets with today.

(Bangkok 2000; First English Translation of 1922) ISBN 974-7534-27-4
336 pp., 273 pp. illus., 210 x 290 mm, pbk.




: Volk und Kunst

by Krause, Gregor & Karl With

US$ 29.50
Book order code : E 22 161



The German version of the above title.

(Bangkok 2000, German text)
336 pp. 273 pp. illus., 210 x 290 mm, pbk.




: Treating Mental Illness in Bali

by Thong, Denny

US$ 25.00
Book order code : E 21 627




The book tells the story of a most remarkable attempt by an Indonesian doctor trained in Western medicine, and in charge of a western-style hospital in Bali in Indonesia, to use traditional healing practices in the treatment of mental illness. Bali, idealized by many as the archetypal island paradise, has its fair share of mental illness and, within its traditional culture, has developed ways of dealing with such illness that are significantly different from those traditionally espoused by Western medicine, but which are now beginning to gain support in the West. For nearly two decades Dr. Denny Thong strove to integrate modern (Western) health care systems with Balinese customs, decentralizing treatment to the villages, reorganizing the hospital to become a focal point of the community and, most controversially, utilizing the services of traditional healers. Dr. Thong closely studied the ways in which the traditional healers worked, and his survey of the healers and his descriptions and analyses of their procedures add immeasurably to our knowledge of the subject.

(Bangkok 1993) ISBN 974-8495-77-9
216 pp., 150 x 210 mm



We also have rare and out-of-print books on Indonesia, Islam, Borneo, and India.