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Natural History

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by Cox, Merel J.

US$ 45.00
Book order code : E 22 271



This book is the definitive guide to the multitude of snake species known from Thailand. This book is the seminal resource for those interested in identifying snakes found in any of the environments of the country. Indeed, identification is made easy by clear descriptions, Thai language designations, and drawings of important characteristics. The indications for the distribution of all species in Asia, and in Thailand in particular, was meticulously researched. More than 160 color photos also help recognizing species. For the herpetologist interested in keeping or breeding snakes at home this hands-on guide will be useful.

(Malabar 1991) ISBN 0-89464-437-8
564 pp., 56 pp. color illus.





by McClure, H. Elliott

US$ 65.00
Book order code : E 22 010




This seminal work contains information on 724 bird species from East, Southeast and South Asia. Bird longevity and migrations are indicated by banding and returns collected during an eleven-year period, from 1963 until 1974. Birds have been suspected of being involved in the life cycles of several viral and rickettsial diseases. In Japan, an extensive study of the Japanese encephalitis virus suggested the involvement of migrating birds in its movements. But comprehensive information on bird migration routes in East Asia was not available. In this book the study of bird movements and their external parasites covers eleven countries and thirteen field stations. Although the banding work continued from 1963 until 1974, it has now been discontinued or reduced, except in Japan and India. Anyone interested in the distribution, movement, or survival of the birds of Asia or of the Northern Hemisphere will find this study an invaluable reference work.

(Bangkok 1998) ISBN 974-8434-20-6
531 pp., 56 pp. illus., 46 pp. in color, 215 x 295 mm,pbk.



: A Field Guide

by McMakin, Patrick D.

US$ 39.50
Book order code : E 21 201




A standard work for serious students of Thailand's natural history and those nature lovers who simply wish to learn the names of the flowers they encounter in their travels. It is a well-organized manual which will become a valuable reference. Divided into seven plant communities with definitive color plates for over 500 of Thailand's common and rare flowering plants, this guide will make identifying species an enjoyable pastime.

(Bangkok 1999; 2nd revised edition) ISBN 974-8495-64-7
248 pp., 104 pp. with 502 color photos, 150 x 210 mm




: Nature Under Threat

by Piprell, Colin & Ashley J. Boyd

US$ 27.50
Book order code : E 21 792



This book brings the wonder and the mystery of the coral reef alive for the general reader. At the same time it provides sufficient information to make the book useful to anyone interested in environmental studies, marine biology, or sport diving. Indeed, armchair readers may be surprised to find themselves suddenly interested in learning to dive. Included in this book are: Natural History (with a basic field guide to life on the coral reef) Environmental pressures Conservationist responses (Thailand as a case) Prognosis from a global perspective The coral reef is one of nature's richest field laboratories, a great genetic archive matched only by the tropical rain forest. It is also one of Asia's finest recreational assets. But this precious resource is everywhere under threat. The brilliant photographs and lively text make Thailand's Coral Reefs both fun and informative, both accessible to everyone and detailed enough to satisfy all but the most specialist readers.

(Bangkok 1995) ISBN 974-8496-42-2
158 pp., fully illus. in color, 210 x 300 mm, pbk.




: A Colourful Introduction to Nepal's most Beautiful Insects
Know Nepal Series No. 3

by Smith, Colin

US$ 8.50
Book order code : E 21 558



Nepal is well know for many forms of beauty, such as snowy peaks across lush valleys and picturesque villages or temples against vistas of range upon range of mountains. Its beautiful butterflies are less well known, partly because most visitors come during their off-season and partly because many of them are hard to find, and some are extremely rare or endemic.

(Bangkok, 1990)
32 pp. Illus. In color, 140 x 220 mm, pbk.





by Westley, Sidney S. &Mark H. Powell

US$ 25.00
Book order code : E 22 354




Nitrogen Fixing Tree Reports Special Issue 1993, In recent years, scientists and development specialists have "discovered" many previously neglected nitrogen-fixing trees with exciting potential to sustain and improve the soil, enhance crop production and provide valuable products. Prominent among the trees attracting increasing attention in the genus Erythrina, distributed throughout the tropics. Many of the 113 Erythrina species are used in agroforestry systems as live fences, windbreaks, shade or support for other plants. They improve the soil and provide animal fodder, human food, medicine and wood products. Their unique flowers and seeds also make them popular as ornamentals and for handicrafts. Researchers, often working in isolation, have screened Erythrina species and provenances for growth potential under different site conditions. Some have conducted detailed studies of specific tree characteristics. As experience and research results have accumulated, the need has become urgent to bring this information together and make it available to a wider community. In response to this need, the Centro Agronomico de Investigacion y Enseoanza (CATIE) and the Nitrogen Fixing Tree Association (NFTA) hosted an International Conference on Erythrina in the New and Old World, from 19 to 23 October 1992, in Turrialba, Costa Rica. Scientists from the Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania presented 55 papers on Erythrina research and development activities. Many of these are published here, along with recommendations for future research and development prepared during the conference by specialist working groups. A field manual on Erthrina production and use is published as a companion to this proceedings volume.

(Bangkok, 1993)
370 pp., 1 pp. illus. 50 pp. charts, 175 x250 mm, pbk.




: The Guide to the Himalayan Orchids of the Tribhuvan Rajpath and Chitwan Jungle

by White, Kevin & B. Sharma

US$ 32.50
Book order code : E 22 169


This guide provides a hands-on companion to Nepal's most accessible orchid habitats. Offering practical advice for the visitor, the guide is also a handbook for the orchid grower or armchair traveler. It provides a wealth of data on the species encountered in the wild, including detailed descriptions for identification. Although its primary aim is to enhance enjoyment of the orchids in their natural environment, the book contributes significantly to the literature on Himalayan species and reports sixteen new Nepal records. Crisply written and using a minimum of technical terms, this volume, based on twenty years of observing Nepal's orchids, is an essential companion for the layman and professional alike.

(Bangkok 2000) ISBN 974-7534-36-3
318 pp., 96 pp. color illus., 3 pp. maps, 150 x 210 mm, pbk.




Palms of Malaya

by Whitmore, T. C.

US$ 22.50
Book order code : E 22 032




Palms of Malaya provides a unique, easy introduction to the palms of Southeast Asia. Palms are one of the most distinctive and visually striking families of tropical plants. They are of immense importance to humans, and many are planted or harvested for their useful products, or as ornamentals. Think of coconut, oil palm, betel palm and rattans, or royal palm, sealing wax palms and talipot, to name a few. For wild palms the focus is on rainforest species and these extend north of Malaya into the wetter parts of Thailand, Indochina and Myanmar.This book makes it easy to recognise the different wild and cultivated palms of Southeast Asia, using silhouette drawings, simple descriptions and photographs. It describes the many useful products palms provide, their role in the rural economy and their place in the rainforest ecosystems.

(Bangkok 1998; repr. with additional plates and updates from 1977) ISBN 974-8434-55-9
160 pp., 24 pp. illus., 8 pp. in color, 210 x 295 mm, pbk.




We also have books on Archegology, Birds, Borneo, NH-Animals, NH-Plants, NH-Ecology