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: The Struggle to Save Thailands Wild Cats

by Rabinowitz, Alan

US$ 25.00
Book order code : I 5 706


The author was hired by a Thai Government agency to study leopards, tigers, and other wildlife in the Huai Kha Kaeng valley-one of Southeast Asia’s largest and most praised forests. It was hoped the research would help protect the many species that live in this fragile reserve area, which was slowly being decimated by poachers, drug traffickers and even the native tribes. The author discovers the many contradictions in the “land of smiles.” Despite the Buddhist aversion to killing, Bangkok is the world’s largest center for illegal wildlife trade. Even more disheartening is the discovery that the very government employees who hired Rabinowitz to protect the forest routinely aid in its destruction. A book on Thai wildlife and about problems a foreigner encounters when working in Thailand.

(New York 1991)
270 pp., 16 pp. illus., 163 x 247 mm





by Ramaer, R.

US$ 25.00
Book order code : E 21 667




The Railways of Thailand describes a century of rail transportation development (1893-1993) in Thailand. The political and economic conditions in what was then Siam that persuaded the government to open up the country, the development of the rail network itself, and the locomotives and rolling stock that ran, and run today, on the system all are described in detail. This volume considers, in addition to history and the present railway scene, future planning of the State Railway of Thailand. Private lines, among them the very first railway in the country, are described. The text is supported by several maps, 60 diagrams, and over 130 mainly unpublished photographs, many of them of considerable historical interest. An earlier book by the author on the locomotives of Thailand has been carefully and extensively rewritten to make this the most comprehensive book on the subject available.

(Bangkok 1994) ISBN 974-8495-01-5
190 pp., illus., 210 x 295 mm, pbk.




: Vanishing Thai Habits

by Reichart, P.A. & H.P. Philipsen

US$ 45.00
Book order code : E 21 832




The book describes the chewing of betel as a long established custom in Thailand and elsewhere in Asia. The chewing of miang (fermented tea leaves) is peculiar to Thailand. These habits and the paraohernalia associated with them have fascinated western observers in Thailand since the earliest travelers visited Siam n the Seventeenth century. This work provides a comprehensive examination of all aspects of these habits. The history, the ritual, and sociological significance are all presented, as are the production and preparation of the chewing guids and the pharmacological effects of the ingredients on the body. The author, dental scientists who have studied these practices for many years, provide the reader with an understanding of the possible side effects and the medical and dental problems associated with these addictive habits. A large part of the book is devoted to describing the paraphernalia and utensils associated with the betel and miang habits. A superb collection of over 130 Illustrations, mostly in full color, complement the text. Many of the items show are extremely rare.

(Bangkok, 2005) ISBN 974-4800-73-9
171 pp., fully illus. in col., 210 x 295 mm, pbk.




: Livelihood and Enverironment in Southern Thai Maritime Villages

by Ruohomaki, Olli-Pekka

US$ 17.50
Book order code : E 22 058

Studies in Contemporary Thailand No. 8 is an ethnographic account of the social and economic transformation of coastal villages in Phangnga Bay, Southern Thailand. The Andaman Sea region of Southern Thailand has been involved in the rapid transformation of the regional economy for over a decade and the repercussions of this transformation are very visible in the coastal villages of Phangnga Bay. Part of this transformation has meant that fishing is no longer the sole source of income for village households, but that a host of other activities compete with fishing and provide better opportunities for individuals who are prepared to engage in new activities. The changes in the source and patterns of livelihood that are taking place in Phangnga Bay villages are a graphic, at times almost grotesque, illustration of a social process occuring throughout the Southern Thai coast.

(Bangkok 1999) ISBN 974-8434-60-5
310 pp., 8 pp. color illus., 2 maps, 150 x 210 mm,pbk.




: Non-Tai-Speaking Peoples

by Schliesinger, Joachim

US$ 30.00
Book order code : E 22 124



Ethnic Groups of Thailand describes 38 non-Tai peoples residing in Thailand - the well known mountain dwelling so-called hill tribes (Akha, Hmong, Htin, Khamu, Lahu, Lawa, Lisu, Mien, Pwo Karen, Sgaw Karen); lesser known northern peoples (Bisu, Blang, Haw, Kachin, Kayah, Kayaw, Kha Hor, Lamet, Mlabri, Mpi, Padong, Palaung, Pa-O, Parauk, Samtao) and northeastern and central lowlands (Bru, Cham, Chaobon, Chong, Gong, Kaleung, Kui, Mon, Seak, So, Thavung). Lastly, Semang and Sea Gypsies of southern Thailand and the Andaman Sea. These various ethnic groups are here classified by their language family and a description given of each one’s history, costume and crafts, houses and villages, agriculture and economy, society, ceremonies, myths and beliefs. All the groups are portrayed by 177 color illustrations taken by the author and an extensive bibliography for further reading.

(Bangkok 2000) ISBN 974-7534-17-7
350 pp., 56 pp. color illus., 150 x 210 mm,pbk



: Introduction and Overview

by Schliesinger, Joachim

US$ 30.00
Book order code : E 22 198



This first volume on Tai Groups of Thailand describes the early events in today's territory of Thailand before the coming of the Tai and the history after their arrival, informs about the hypothesis of the origin of the Tai race and shows the development of the ethnic Tai people in the context of the various Tai groups and their kingdoms, states and principalities in Asia in general and in Thailand in particular. It also contains an extensive bibliography for further reading and 163 color illustrations.

(Bangkok 2000) ISBN 974-7534-47-9
264 pp., 56 pp. color illus., 150 x 210 mm, pbk.




: Profile of the Existing Groups

by Schliesinger, Joachim

US$ 30.00
Book order code : E 22 199



This book sketches each of the 30 Tai-speaking groups residing in Thailand: the Thai people of central Thailand, the numerous Lao Isan people of northeastern Thailand, the well-known Lao, Lue, Yuan and Tai Yai of northern Thailand; it also describes the lesser known and smaller groups (Kaleung, Khorat Tai, Lao Ga, Lao Krang, Lao Lom or Tai Dan, Lao Ngaew, Lao Song, Lao Ti, Lao Wieng, Phuan, Phu Tai, Seak, Southern Thai, Tai Bueng, Tai Dam, Tai Gapong, Tai Khoen, Tai Mao, Tai Wang, Tai Ya, Tai Yong, Tai Yor, Tak Bai Thai, Yoy) which are distributed throughout the length and breadth of Thailand. The groups are presented with their domestic history, costumes and crafts, design of houses and villages, activities in agriculture and economy, society and religion of each of the 30 individual Tai groups, supported by 115 color illustrations.

(Bangkok 2000) ISBN 974-7534-48-7
253 pp., 40 pp. color illus., 150 x 210 mm, pbk.




: Culture and Transition in Thailand's Northeast

by Seri Phongpit & Kevin Hewison

US$ 14.50
Book order code : E 22 277



This revised edition deals with Thailand's Northeast - Isan as did the original version published in 1990. The region is a large and populous area that, despite ever-closer integration with the Thai nation and great cultural diversity, retains its distinctiveness. This book provides insights into village life in an accessible format and style. It explains the essence of village life in the Northeast, showing how this has changed under the pressures of centralisation and economic development. As the pace of change has accelerated, so the struggle for self-reliance has become more difficult. Village Life reflects on the remarkable changes that have taken place in the Northeast and shows how villagers are seeking ways forward. Village Life will be of interest to a wide readership. General readers and travellers will find that it gives them fresh insights into the life of the northeastern villager. As the book is based on the activities of non-governmental organisations and local people, there will be much of interest to academics, professionals, and others involved in development work.

(Bangkok 2001) ISBN 974-7534-92-4
192 pp., illus., 150 x 210 mm, pbk.






by Shahriari, Andrew C.

US$ 37.50
Book order code : E 22486




This work describes in detail the traditional music and dance of northern Thailand – the area of the former Lanna kingdom and its legacy. The author has researched and performed the various musical instruments individually and in ensembles in Thailand and the United States. This book is invaluable for serious students of Thai music, as well as to the many visitors from abroad who visit Chiang Mai and its environs every year, enabling them to understand and appreciate better the various traditional dances and music encountered during their stay. Numerous photographs accompany informative text that covers eight of the most common dances, more than fourteen khon muang instruments, and the eight primary ensemble traditions of the region. National, regional, and local events, such as Spirit Dances, are also highlighted to reveal the wealth of vibrant musical activity found throughout the region.

(Bangkok, 2006) Bar Code 978-974-4800-77-0
133 pp., 38 pp. illus., 150 x 210 mm, pbk.





Women in a Changing Environment

by Sinith Sittirak

US$ 16.50
Book order code : I 7 977


This is a powerful feminist critique of the Western concept of development, which has brought profound changes to the lives of women in the South over the last thirty years. It is also an attempt to rediscover and rehabilitate traditional indigenous knowledge as an important basis for empowering women and re-establishing the foundation of reciprocity in North-South dialogue. The author looks at the damage “progress” has wreaked on the lives of Thai sex workers and of indigenous peoples globally and contrasts this with a portrait in words and pictures of her own “undeveloped” mother, “gardener, agriculturalist, cook, entertainer, tool and toy inventor and maker, traditional doctor resources manager, energy conservationist, food scientist, home economist, sustainable developer, ecologist and environmentalist.”

(London 1998)
175 pp., illus., 135 x 216 mm, pbk.




Northern Siam and Parts of Laos in the Years 1892-1893

by Smyth, Warington H.

US$ 16.50
Book order code : E 22 012



This book is the account of a six-month journey from Bangkok to Luang Prabang and back through Nong Khai and Korat. The author’s mission was to explore the regions opposite Chiang Khong, on the left bank of the Mekong, for deposits of rubies and sapphires. Smyth’s work was part of a wider assignment to produce an overall survey of the mineral deposits of the kingdom. His geological report is admirably supplemented by his observations on the environment and the customs of the peoples he met on his journey. His love of ordinary people, the countryside and the jungle life that was both his ordeal and his delight for so many months is demonstrated in the scores of sketches that illustrate the book. An unusually detailed map of Central and Northern Thailand considerably enhances the value of this book.

(Bangkok 1998, repr. from 1895) ISBN 974-8434-34-9
126 pp., illus., 1 folded map (255 x 450 mm), 150 x 210 mm, pbk.




from 1891-1896 (Vol. 1 & 2)

by Smyth, Warington H.

US$ 45.00
Book order code : E 21 715




The account reviews the dynamic situation in Siam at the end of the nineteenth century, with its vivid portrayal of the people and the place. Its author, a British national working for Siam’s government, skilfully navigated his way through uncharted political and social terrain traversed by Westerners and Siamese. His narrative provides a refreshing and singular perspective of the country in those tumultuous times. As an official in the newly created Department of Mines, Smyth traveled to frontier provinces undergoing the process of cartographic and administrative incorporation into Siam. His unique position enabled him to provide the first rigorously detailed and dramatic account of the Chantaburi and Pailin gem mines. Smyth also witnessed first hand the Paknam Incident of 1893, when French and Siamese gunboats engaged in a skirmish en route to Bangkok. Another factor that distinguished Smyth from his Western contem-poraries was his ability to speak Thai. No doubt Smyth’s direct communication with the Thai-speaking population informed his experience and also accounted for his amiable relationship with them. Smyth genuinely attempted to locate and understand each situation he encountered within its cultural context. With its unassuming charm and insights this account is a goldmine for scholars and lay readers alike.

(Bangkok 1994; repr. from 1898)ISBN 974-8495-98-1
703 pp., illus., 4 folded maps in color, 150 x 210 mm, pbk.




FIVE YEARS IN SIAM (1891-1896) VOL 1
: the Menam Valley, Lao States, Ratburi, Tenasserim, and Phuket

by Smyth, Warington H.

US$ 22.50
Book order code : E 22 108



This book covers the first part of the author’s journey in Thailand and includes an account of the gunboat incident with France in 1893. As an official in the newly created Department of Mines, Smyth traveled to frontier provinces undergoing the process of cartographic and administrative incorporation into Siam, the process of Siam’s colonization by Bangkok. Smyth’s ability to speak Thai contributed to his unfiltered knowledge of the country, and his work with its lively descriptions and informed understanding of what he observed remains a goldmine for scholars and present-day travelers alike.

(Bangkok 1999; repr. from 1898) ISBN 974-8434-91-5
370 pp., 12 pp. illus., 3 folded maps in color,150 x 210 mm, pbk.




: the Malay and Cambodian Penninsulars, with Descriptions of Ruby Mines

by Smyth, Warington H.

US$ 27.50
Book order code : E 22 109



This book covers the second part of the author’s journey in Thailand and is one of the few accounts of the South of Thailand and the only detailed record of the ruby mines in Chantaburi and Pailin, at the time ruled by Bangkok. The volume covers the author’s travels, focussing especially on Cambodia’s ruby mines, and includes an account of the French occupation of Chantaburi.

(Bangkok 1999; repr. from 1898) ISBN 974-8434-92-3
369 pp., 4 pp. illus., 4 maps, 1 folded, 150 x 210 mm, pbk.




: Gender and Cosmology in an Isan Village in Northeast Thailand

by Sparkes, Stephen

US$ 27.50
Book order code : E 22 466



Spirits and Souls-Gender and Cosmology in an Isan Village in Northeast Thailand is an anthropological study of the complex and rich cosmology of the Isan. The interrelationship between gender concepts and religious practices is analysed through the symbolism of some of the most important Buddhist and household rituals in the setting of a large village in Loei Province. This approach to cosmology illustrates how Buddhist and 'Spirit Religion' beliefs are complementary and competing and moulded by the immediate and pragmatic needs of the villagers. The coexistence of two religious traditions parallels the two attitudes to gender. Village Buddhism orders gender in a hierarchical manner justifying the higher status of men and excluding women from the sources of religious and magical power. The Spirit Religion, however, manifests complementary gender values in rituals for the continuity of female descent groups and agricultural production. The contrast between ancestral spirits who watch over the living and the transmigratory soul of Buddhism illustrate the coexistence of two fundamentally different value systems.

(Bangkok, 2005) ISBN 974-4800-57-7
291 pp., 8 pp. illus. in col. 150 x 210 mm, pbk.





by Subhadradis Diskul, M. C.

US$ 25.00
Book order code : E 21 360



A study in iconography in which the author applies the theory developed by Philippe Stern for Khmer iconography on Thai sculptures of the Sukhothai period. It attempts to establish a chronology based on the development of ornaments. This book has a preface by Jean Boisselier and is a revised version of a study in Thai language from 1966.

(Bangkok 1990) ISBN 974-8495-20-5
132 pp., fully illus., 215 x 295 mm, pbk.




: Performed by six Jesuits Sent by the French King to the Indies and China in the Year 1658

by Tachard, Guy

US$ 19.50
Book order code : E 22 125



The book describes the first French Embassy to Siam in 1685. The Embassy which set out on March 1685 was a remarkable event. It was triggered by the express request of the Siamese King Phra Narai, who for years had been extraordinarily interested in making contact with the King of France. Already at the end of 1680 Narai had sent a fully-fledged embassy to France on the Soleil d’Orient, a vessel of the French Oriental Company but this attempt ended disastrously when the ship foundered near the eastern coast of Madagascar with the loss of all people and its valuable cargo. This book, Guy Tachard’s first, was quite influential. It was the first of a large number of French works concerning late-seventeenth century Siam. Apparently, it was avidly read: the first three French editions date from 1686, 1687 and 1688, the first edition in the Dutch language dates from 1687, this English version appeared in 1688 and an Italian edition came out in 1693. When Engelbert Kaempfer visited the Dutch trading station at Ayuthia in June and July 1690 he found, read and annotated a copy of this book and it can be established that in his later writing on Siam he benefited from some of Tachard’s observations. It was a work that helped stimulate the French appetite to invest in a short-lived military adventure. This book still deserves attention, its mixture of scientific curiosity, methodic enquiry and religious zeal is typical of the period. The information it contains, in particular that which Tachard collated in the final part, provides us with an exemplary document on Siamese seventeenth-century culture.

(Bangkok 1999; repr. from 1688) ISBN 974-8434-34-6
275 pp., 27 pp. illus., 150 x 210 mm, pbk.




: An Analysis of Religious Ceremonies in Central Thailand

by Terwiel, B. J.

US$ 19.50
Book order code : E 21 719




The book deals with Buddhism as it was practiced in a community in rural Central Thailand. The text is based on anthropological fieldwork during the late 1960s. The scene unfolds with the religious perspective of children and young adults who appear mainly interested in esoteric spells and magical diagrams. Full ritual knowledge is obtained by many men in their twenties when they join the order of monks for at least one Lenten season. The latter parts of the book are devoted to the world view of older people and an analysis of some Buddhist rituals.

(Bangkok 1994; 3rd revised edition) ISBN 974-8496-03-1
320 pp., 150 x 210 mm, pbk.




: Lessons about Development: African and Asian Contrasts

by Thompson, Nicholas & Scott Thompson

US$ 15.50
Book order code : I 8 412


This is a book dealing with the big questions about development: What is development? Can Third World countries ever hope to 'catch up'? Can a development path be found that avoids indefinite impoverishment on the one hand, and environmental destruction on the other? What is the relationship, if any, between economic growth and political development? Can a country that has failed hitherto create for itself a second chance? In their wide-ranging and insightful exploration, the authors take as their main examples two contrasting countries: Ghana, the first African colony to win independence, but which plunged into a downward spiral of economic decay; and Thailand, which was poorer than West Africa in the 1950s, but which went on to achieve decades of extraordinary rapid economic growth, albeit at considerable environmental and human cost. Intensely readable, this thought-provoking and courageous book brings the big questions about development to a wide audience of college students and interested readers.

(Bangkok 2000) ISBN 974-7534-49-5
208 pp., 135 x 215 mm, pbk.





by Thorbek, Susanne

US$ 10.00
Book order code : I 8 373



Rapid urbanization has always spawned slums. But what are they like to live in? And particularly for women? This study of slum culture and gender relations compares two slums in Asia-Ratmalana in Colombo and Khlong Toey in Bangkok-and shows how the impact of urbanization, economic change and national politics has differed significantly in Sri Lanka and Thailand, despite their common cultural background of Theravada Buddhism. The book explores the impact of these differences on gender relations and the lives of the very poorest men and women. Dr. Thorbek, a Danish sociologist, discusses how gender identity is defined; the contradictions between culture as publicly expressed and privately practised in women's daily activities; and how female identity may be understood in each country. and, as in her previous, highly acclaimed Voices from the City: Women of Bangkok (Zed Books, 1987), the author allows the women in the slums to speak through her pages.

233 pp., 15 pp. illus., 135 x 215 mm, pbk.




: The Special Commission for the Reorganisation of the Provincial Courts in Ayuthia (1896-1897)

by Tips, Walter E. J.

US$ 19.50
Book order code : E 22 020


The book tells the story of the Ayuthia Special Commission for the Reorganisation of the Provincial Courts in the words of Siam’s first Legal Adviser, Robert J. Kirkpatrick. After a temporary consolidation in foreign affairs had dealt with external threats, Siam was pushed on the road to internal reforms starting with the outdated court system. The Ayuthia Commission, starting work in September 1896, was the first of its kind to evaluate the courts upcountry and to judge hundreds of court cases that had been awaiting trial, sometimes for years. From tax evasion on boats and illegal distilleries, through thefts of cattle and property to abduction, rape, violent assaults and even murder, the commissioners heard witnesses and meted out justice. Justice was done too to those officials found taking bribes from prisoners wishing to escape from their chains, or torturing the accused, sometimes until death followed. The journal of the Commission’s activities reads like a kaleidoscope held up against the light of western principles of justice, reflecting the multicolored facets of Siamese society on the eve of modern times.

(Bangkok 1998) ISBN 974-8434-27-3
302 pp., illus., 150 x 210 mm, pbk.




: The Diaries and Letters of King Chulalongkorn's General Adviser

by Tips, Walter E. J.

US$ 27.50
Book order code : E 21 830


This study is based on three thousand pages of privately held letters and diaries of HM King Chulalongkorn’s General Adviser and other Belgian advisers working in Siam. The book covers the crucial period of Siam’s modernization, from September 1892 until January 1902, from the inside. It contains never before revealed information on a wide variety of developments of the time, from big powers’ attempts to usurp Siam’s independence over the Paknam Incident of 13 July 1893, to the arcane day-by-day struggles to implement much needed internal reforms of the kingdom’s legal framework and bureaucracy. This book offers material that has never before seen the light of day and astounding facts that change our understanding of the shaping of the free nation as it known today.

(Bangkok 1996) ISBN 974-8496-58-9
522 pp., 16 pp. illus., 145 x 210 mm, pbk.




: The Gunboat Incident at Paknam and the Franco-Siamese Treaty of October 1893

by Tips, Walter E. J.

US$ 17.50
Book order code : E 21 872



This study tells the story of the French attempts to take over Siam in 1893. The battle between French warships and Siamese guns at Fort Paknam, on the mouth of the Chao Phya River, is told in the words of one of the main actors in the diplomatic struggles that preceded and followed the incident. Gustave Rolin-Jaequemyns’s daily journal of the political maneuvering between France and Britain, the battles on the Mekong between French and Siamese troops and of the sleepless nights of HM King Chulalongkorn and his princely ministers, reads like a political thriller. The report of Siamese counter-attacks and diplomatic plotting, in which Prince Devawongse was the main actor, sheds light on hitherto unknown but crucial pages in the life of Siam as a modern nation in the making. Siam would preserve its independence and HM King Chulalongkorn would manage to hold on to most of the core territories of the kingdom in the Franco-Siamese Treaty of 3 October 1893 which followed the incident. Here is the story of a Siam dangerously close to losing her freedom.

(Bangkok 1996) ISBN 974-8496-81-3
272 pp., 37 illus., 145 x 210 mm, pbk.





by Turpin, F. H.

US$ 19.50
Book order code : E 21 869




Originally published in 1771 as the first account in a Western language of the period of the French Embassies to Siam, the reign of King Narai and Constant Phaulcon, and of the sacking of Ayuthaya by the Burmese in 1767. The text was compiled from first hand accounts and reports of Christian missionaries and bishops. It presents a wealth of detail that is not readily available elsewhere. As a classical history, it deals mostly with battles, revolutions and the overturning of personalities and reigns. The final chapters provide an assessment of the trading potential of Siam and the neighboring states. The book, however, does not shun bloodshed and scandal, which seem to have been the order of the day. Indeed, when reading this book one wonders whether our ancestors and their times really are an example for the younger generations.

(Bangkok 1996; repr. from 1908) ISBN 974-8496-63-5
210 pp., 150 x 210 mm, pbk.





by Uchtomskij, Prince Esper Esperovitch

US$ 15.00
Book order code : E 22 031



The book reports on the visit of the later Czar Nicolas II of Russia to King Chulalongkorn’s kingdom and to Saigon, one of the important early trade centers of France’s fledgling colony in Indochina. The visit was of great historical significance for the Thai nation. As a result of the extremely warm welcome given by the Thais, the bonds between the two Royal Houses became especially close. Only a few years later, after the Paknam Gunboat Incident of 1893, Russia would defend Siam’s case with Russia’s French allies. The author, a specialist in oriental religions and literature, was with the Czarevitch during the whole visit and testifies to great political skills and a rare clarity of vision of Russia’s future in the Orient. This book is an eye-opener for all those interested in big power politics at the turn of the century and its consequences for the small, independent kingdom of Siam.

(Bangkok 1999; First English translation from 1894, 1898) ISBN 074-8434-49-4
124 pp., 150 x 210 mm, pbk.





by Walker, Dave & Richard S. Ehrlich

US$ 10.00
Book order code : E 21 548




Love letters to Bangkok Bar Girls and their revealing interviews. Collected and with introduction by D. Walker and R. S. Ehrlich. Prologue by Dr. Yos Santasombat. Glossary. Epilogue by Mrs. Pisamai Tantrakul.

(A French version is also available.)
(Bangkok 2000, 8th print run) ISBN 974-8876-19-5
172 pp., 130 x 195 mm, pbk.




: An Introduction

by Wenk, Klaus

US$ 16.50
Book order code : E 21 766



This is a study of the extensive and diverse writings that form an integral part of the Thai literary tradition. The book is divided into tentative periods beginning with the discovery of an inscription on a stela, erected in 1292 by Ram Kamhaeng, and concluding with an overview of contemporary Thai literature. This study does not claim to comprise all titles and dates of literary relevance, but it contains all that is essential. The author’s predilection for some poets has attributed to them greater emphasis than others, for example, Sunthon Phu for whom writing poetry was, inter alia, an act of personal liberation and artistic play. The decisive message expressed by him in his verses has given direction to the evolution of Thai poetry. Detailed descriptions of what the author considers to be typical and of peculiar interest to western readers makes this study especially fascinating and take it beyond being a mere introduction to the subject.

(Bangkok 1995) ISBN 974-8496-33-3
121 pp., 145 x 210 mm, pbk.




: Personal Recollections and Official Documents

by Wimon Wiriyawit

US$ 20.00
Book order code : E 21 936



An important eyewitness account of one of the active participants. Group Captain Wimon Wiriyawit is one of the few survivors of a small group of Thais who were in the USA at the beginning of the Pacific War and who volunteered to work for the liberation of Thailand from Japanese occupation. The personal recollections are supported by official documents from US archives, released only recently. This book brings to light the differing agendas of the war allies: the USA, Britain and Nationalist China, as well as different ideas within the Thai political elite.

(Bangkok 1997) ISBN 974-8496-90-2
347 pp., 8 pp. illus., 145 x 210 mm, pbk.





: Public Monuments in Twentieth-Century Thailand
(Studies in Contemporary Thailand No.15)

by Wong, Ka F.

US$ 25.00
Book Code order : E 22484



This book offers a unique discourse on modern Thai history through the exploration of monumental images and narratives. Visible to the people on an everyday basis, public monuments are the visual manifestation of how the Thais have imagined and re-imagined their nation-state in the last century. Thailand was the only country in Southeast Asia to retain its political independence during the age of colonialism, and hence, the only nation to use public art in support of indigenous political goals. From absolute to constitutional monarchy, the two World Wars to the Cold War, and military dictatorship to the emergence of people’s democracy, different regimes erected public memorials to legitimize their own rule and promulgate their own concepts of modern Thailand to the people. Grouping the most renowned monuments into four visions—Absolute Monarchy, Modern Nationalism, Traditionalism, and Diversity, this book explains how Thai artists use scale, style, and symbol to reinterpret historical events and produce political effects on one hand and create works of beauty on the other. An innovative synthesis of political, cultural, and art history, this book brings not only a new relevance to the many public monuments seen throughout the country but also a fresh understanding of complex twentieth-century Thai society.

(Bangkok, 2006) Bar Code 978-974-4800-87-9
238 pp., 50 pp. illus., .,150 x 210 mm, pbk.



: Its History, People, Commerce, Industries, and Resources

by Wright, Arnold & Oliver T. Breakspar

US$ 39.50
Book order code : E 21 713



This was initially published, during the first decade of this century, as one of a series of books on South East Asia. Original copies of the book are now extremely rare. The value of this reprint lies in the pictures, bein lavishly illustrated with scenes of the country and its people. Another valuable aspect of the book is the record is provides of the names and photographs of several individuals-both Siamese and foreign-who played a part in the development and advancement of Siam during the long and illustrious reign of H.M. King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) from 1868 to 1910

In sddition, government officials, foreign advisors, traders and houses are depicted: import, export, shipping, rice mills, teak industry, mines, engineering, many of which stilee exist. Many of the photographs, such as those of foreign diplomats and advisors, are not published elsewhere. The author rightfull claimed that the book offers” a pictorial Representation of Siam upon a scale which has never been attempted before’.

(Bangkok, 2003) Barcode 9 789748 495002
302 pp., fully illus,. 230 x 310 mm





: Public Eating, Gender Relations and Urban Change
(Studies in Contemporary Thailand No. 16 )

by Yasmeen, Gisèle

US$ 25.00
Book Order Code : E 22485



This book provides an overview and analysis of the habit of “public eating” in Thai society with specific attention paid to the case study of Bangkok where the phenomenon has been particularly widespread for several decades. Using the well-established ethnographic approach of “thick description”, this contribution to the study of Thai and Southeast Asian foodways concentrates on the nexus between eating habits, the social construction of gender and patterns of urban development in one of the world’s mega-cities. By providing a detailed snapshot of the rapid growth period of the early to mid-1990s in central Bangkok and concluding with insights as to the impacts of the economic crisis that wreaked havoc in the latter part of the decade, Gisèle Yasmeen illustrates the recursive social, economic and cultural impacts of the “foodscape” on urban space.

(Bangkok, 2005) Bar Code 978-974-4800-89-3
316 pp., fully illus., 150 x 210 mm, pbk.




: A History of Aviation in Thailand

by Young, Edward M.

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In 1911 aviation was introduced to Thailand through a traveling air show. This dramatic form of technological innovation quickly became integral to the country’s program of modernization as a means of gaining international respect. This first detailed study focusing on the pivotal years 1911-1945 traces the nationalistic impulses that drove the Thai quest for air power, first under the Thai royalty and then under the military regime that followed the coup d’état in 1932. The book also examines the later development of the Thai air force, when it helped regain territory ceded to the French, participated in the Japanese advance in Burma, and later provided clandestine support to the Allies in World War II. The author shows how economic, technological, and political issues affected the country’s choice of airplanes. The government’s purchase of American airplanes reflected in part a growing desire to draw away from the influence of England and France.

(Washington 1995)
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by Zimmerman, Carle C.

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This is the first survey of the Siamese rural population. The author compiled everything anyone needed to know about the rural Siamese. His efforts lie before you: a wealth of tables detailing the eating habits, living expenses, diseases, birth and death rates of the people. Here one can discover the average number of farm animals per family in the North, Northeast, South and Central parts of the country. There are comparisons of the cost of glutinous and garden rice alongside explanations of the kilogram equivalent for the measures used by farmers to sell their paddy. One can examine the nutritional values of foods such as shrimp paste and fermented fish as well as a complete chemical analysis for common salts consumed in Siam. It is a remarkably detailed work and a valuable source for further studies.

(Bangkok 1999, repr. from 1932) ISBN 974-7534-02-9
337 pp., 7 pp. illus., 150 x 210 mm, 1 folded map in pocket, pbk.



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