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Book Description
Thailand's cultural heritage is rich with holidays and festivals. Religious, royal, and agricultural holidays and cultural festivals all contribute to a kaleidoscope of colorful activities that have long captured the hearts of the local people as well as the interest of visitors. This beautifully illustrated book discusses the reasons for observing the various festivals, their origins and legends, and the location and time of year at which each takes place. Gerson shows throughout how, in Thailand, religion and culture are intertwined.
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Ringis, who spent 14 years working with the National Museum in Bangkok surveys a wide range of elephant lore including ancient sacred and secular writings, early travellers tales by Europeans, and recent diplomatic correspondence with the West. She also explains the religious, artistic, and literary role of both real and mythical elephants in Thailand; the characteristics and behavior of the animals themselves; elusive wild herds and white elephants and hunting, and training and working them. Well illustrated, including 28 color plates. Includes a glossary without pronunciation. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

Book Description
This beautifully illustrated book surveys a wide range of elephant lore in Thailand, past and present. It looks at the religious, artistic, and literary background to Thai attitudes toward the elephant and assesses the role of the elephant in present-day Thai life.
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