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: The Development of Cambodia's Rubber Plantations

by Slocomb, Margaret

US$ 17.00
Book order code : E 22 516



Colons and Coolies recounts the history of the development of Cambodia's rubber industry during the 1920s and 1930s. Using archival material from the era of the French Protectorate, it examines how French capital combines with Khmer land and Tonkinese labour to transform the red lands of the eastern plateaux of Cambodia into vast plantations. The book argues that the model of capitalistic colonisation - rational, bureaucratic, profit-driven, and divorced from traditional agricultural practices - established by the French remains the model for indigeneous colonisation by ruling elite in Cambodia today for large scale agribusiness involving logging, fishing, cash and export crops such as palm oil and cashews, and rubber plantations.

(Bangkok, 2007) Bar code 978-974-4801-01-2




: General and Particular Characteristics Vol.1

by Boulard, Michel

US$ 25.00
Book order code : E 22 487




This book is the first of two volumes on Thai cicadas, the most fascinating and also least known representatives of a family of sonorous insects. Cicadas neither sing, nor stridulate, but tymbolize. The volume reveals the existence and the double life, larval and imaginal, of cicadas encountered during six years of research in Thailand's sub-mountainous forests. The body of the text includes two chapters discussing general characteristics, acoustic and procreative ethnology, and exceptional or enigmatic aspects and behaviour. The text in enriched by drawings and photographs, mostly of living insects. It is accompanied by a CD comprising forty cicada sound productions (or tymbalizations), the acoustics made visual in ID and ethological cards, which form an original feature of pioneering study.

(Bangkok, 2006) Bar Code 978-974-4800-80-0
142 pp., illus. 22 pp. in col. 2 pp. folded. 150 x 210 mm, pbk.


We also have the books on Asia General, Burma,
, Economic and Social, Ceramics, Dictionary, etc.